Womxn’s Health Resources

Chicago’s Women’s Health Center

  • CWHC provides care, services, and health education to women, trans people, and the youth where people pay what they can afford. Their mission is to empower these groups of people and provide them with health services they might not be able to find anywhere else.
  • Services provided at CWHC include:
    • Gynecology
      • Annual examination, birth control counseling, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, STI/UTI screening, and more
    • Primary Care
      • Address concerns about diabetes, mental health, blood pressure, preventative screenings, and more
    • Trans Health
      • Primary care, hormone therapy, integrative health, and more
    • Counseling
      • Individual, partner, and group counseling and workshops for a wide variety of experiences
    • Health Education
      • Topics include anatomy & hygiene, sexuality, body image, self-exam, and much more
    • Acupuncture and Bodywork
    • Alternative Insemination
    • Pelvic Floor Therapy
    • Nutrition Education & Intuitive Eating
  • All services are offered on a self-pay sliding scale. Check out their website here: https://www.chicagowomenshealthcenter.org/
  • The clinic is located at 1025 W. Sunnyside Ave. Suite 201, Chicago, Illinois 60640